John left the probation officer with a smile. It’ll be the last time. He could run fast and live as an absconding person, but he hasn’t strength anymore. He stopped in front of the office door for a second and put his knife out of his jeans. The sun was bright and the metal shone in his hands. Fast, it was in his heart. Behind him, people started to shout. Until the end, this was the only way people could talk to him: shouting.


When she was a child, her mother said “the guys pull your hair because they like you and don’t know how to show that”. She grew up, married and her husband usually hits her. She thinks that she is loved.


~ por Lúcia Nascimento em 09/04/2010.

Uma resposta to “Society”

  1. Lu depois volta a carga fazendo aquele feedback como antes. Hoje so passei pra informar que to de blog novo se quiser atualizar na sua lista. Bjao e boa festança!! Tentei ir com o Iberê mas ele nao vai poder…:( Have fun

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