Rainy day

It was raining. I was coming back home after a party and I was really upset. And crying. I was walking all the streets around my house: 10th, 9th, then 10th again… I just didn’t want to arrive home with my eyes looking like big apples.

In one of those streets, a man asked me for some money. And I just looked at him that moment and said “I’m sorry”. But my eyes were looking like big red apples. And he felt sorry for me that moment. “Are you safe to come back home?”; “Do you need something?”; “Can I help you with something?”. I turned to him and just said “No, thanks”.

It was more than a year ago, and I was in NYC. But till nowadays I remember that man and think that he probably was more in need than me – an I couldn’t help at all. That is why now I can remember his face, but I can’t remember exactly what make me sad that day…


~ por Lúcia Nascimento em 16/01/2011.

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